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Creating Your "Life List"

January seems to always be that transitional month when restlessness begins to step into daily life. This is an excellent time to step back and contemplate making a “Life List”.

So, what is a “Life List”? Everything you are yearning to do in your life no matter how big or small. You may want to refine a skill, write a book, start a garden, or just try something new. Whether it is cooking, travel, education, family, spirit, gardening, or more, making a Life List will help you organize your thoughts and desires.



Avoid any daily tasks or ‘house’ projects. The Life List is about you and your personal growth. If you have ‘to do’ lists, it would be good to have a separate list area for those items.


To start your Life List, you can begin by creating categories or areas of interest. Let’s say you write down the word “Health”. Now consider writing a sub-category such as ‘Food’ or ‘Exercise’. By writing these two sub-categories, you are creating a path for your interest in health. Then, keep drilling down into more sub-categories under "Food" and "Exercise until you feel you have reached your desired specific topic. For instance, this may be "Growing Herbs" under the "Food" sub-category. Once you have completed that step, you are ready to begin asking questions on the best type of action for you.

Area of Interest > Sub-categories > Drill Down further > Specific Topic > Action Steps

At this point you are guiding yourself towards the actions you want to take towards your interests and understanding why you are interested. Ask yourself the following: How do I want to learn? Am I interested in a class (in-person or on-line)? Do I want to read books (physical or E-Book)? Listening to podcasts? This is also a good time to reaffirm why you carry this interest. What about this interests me? What am I hoping to experience? Ask yourself questions that drill down to your desired engagement method. This process will help you understand what you are really wanting to learn and how you learn best (the action). You could also try all methods and see what works most effectively.



You don’t need to become an expert at what you try, just enjoy the experience and the journey. If it is a major topic, such as career, then learn as much as you can much from others in that field before making a time commitment, or potentially costly, leap.


Notably, when you do try something new, you learn more about yourself. It’s not easy to stretch your comfort zone, but it does place you on the path to discovering more about you and your interests.



I would also suggest not trying to do everything at once! Be gentle on timelines and make changes as needed given interests change over time. The importance of a Life List is that you give yourself permission to move forward as you need to for your own joy and purpose.


How you decide to approach your Life List is completely up to you and no one else. You can tackle items in a timeframe comfortable for you and go as deeply as you want. You might discover what you thought you were interested in changes completely!

Take this month and make a Life List in a journal and start your next adventure. Become a well-rounded soul and have fun along the way.

Explore, learn, and live.


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