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Hello and Welcome

I am so grateful you have taken the time to join us here at TSP.  While working with plants to create our products, we are continuously enchanted with the benefits and healing nature provides.  The concept of working with ancient ways, while incorporating modern approaches, brings so much joy and harmony to life.  From our artisan craft of distillation, quality products we offer, and the wellness sessions we provide, our heart is in everything we do.

Nature is a sanctuary, teacher, apothecary, counselor, and friend.  If you feel compelled to learn more about connecting with nature and spirit, please explore our Sessions & Classes throughout the seasons.  You just might find the next interesting step in your journey.


From my Heart to Yours,

Karen 'Summer Moon'

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Walking The Sacred Healing Path

My passion for working with plants, guided me to a place of healing and introspection that seeded my journey towards the ancient healing arts.  Working with energy, frequency, animals, and plants in all aspects was a natural progression.  Energy and life surround us all and all existence is connected.  Looking to the past, nature has always been there in a healing way.

It wasn't until mid-life that I consciously realized my desire to use plants and flowers for healing.  After earning an AAS in Complimentary Alternative Medicine, with a focus in Herbalism and Aromatherapy, I felt a need to go deeper.  Working with herbs, flowers, and essential oils was just the beginning.  This awakening led me to engage in a two-year Shamanic Mentorship focused on traveling the Celtic Sacred Wheel.  I also embraced a calling to become a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher.  My journey of honoring ancient traditions of healing through a deep connection with nature, along with deepening my relationship with the spiritual realms, was like coming home.

The Sacred Healing Path takes different forms for every individual.  The foundation for my work lies in the universal connection we all share including a desire for harmonious existence with all life.  My purpose is to offer wellness and healing practices that are sacred, safe, and comfortable, intended to assist you on your personal journey.   


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