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Enjoy life ...
one sip ...
at a time.

Loose Leaf Tea

Loose-leaf tea is an aromatic, visual, and flavor experience.  Each time I create, or discover, a new blend of tea, I allow the bits and pieces of plant material to captivate all the senses.  The color of rose buds, calendula petals, lemongrass pieces, or green tea leaves make the first impression in the art of tea.  Tea is most definitely good for you and can help you in your wellness objectives Herbals can be formulated to benefit the body, mind, and spirit.  And, if included in a recipe, green tea is low in caffeine


In addition to all of these wonderful attributes, tea also connects you to the Earth, brings you closer to nature, and shares its secrets with you during each aromatic sip.  


Loose Leaf Tea Collection

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