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Image by Johannes Plenio

The Sacred Healing Path


“I wish I would have had this method of healing energy 20 years ago ... March 2021, I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to my liver ... I did a lot of reading about chemo and natural supplements/vitamins, followed both paths and had surgery in the Fall of 2021 ... I'm a survivor and believer that God will heal me...This year continues to bring new life and an opportunity for energy healing through Reiki ... I would recommend this to anyone going through a cancer diagnosis ... I'm so grateful to have Karen bring this energy healing method to me ... I have now learned to bring relaxation and energy on my own.  It's another addition that is a mainstay."

Kathy - Shamanic Reiki Client ( In-Person Sessions and Absentee Sessions )

“I had the good fortune to meet with Karen a few days before a scheduled surgery ... She explained the energy healing process and led me through an extremely relaxing healing exercise at that time ... I would feel a comforting, warm feeling at unexpected times and was grateful to know I was being helped ... After my surgery, I continued to feel this calming, protective feeling while also experiencing a significantly lower pain level than my medical team prepared me for ... I believe I am making a much more rapid recovery than I would have without Karen's help and I'm so grateful that she was on my team throughout all this. "

Emily - Shamanic Reiki Client ( Absentee Sessions )

“I found Karen to be a very kind, calming, and skilled practitioner ... We were able to delve into deeper issues of confidence, pain and self-love through beautiful healing sessions which left me with a new perspective and peace of mind ... I am now equipped with new strategies, tools, clarity, and insight to help me as I move forward ... I highly recommend Karen."

Denise - Shamanic Reiki Client ( In-Person Sessions and Absentee Sessions )

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